XZen.integrates with URL shortener program for managing your traffic tracking. You can create shorter version of any long URL and use it in any social media or any else. The program will provide you the statistics of the URL.

Generate Custom Application

XZen. is powerful a template coder to generate custom application. The vision of the applications is to generate data driven application for any platform, any operating system, any language and any framework.

Alternatively, Event System template can be converted to DOTNET / J2EE application with a single click. Or merely simple to create a SQL Server / Oracle database.

Pre Defined Templates

XZen.takes a qualified template as input type and with just one click, generates whole application for you. The templates can be customized online from scratch or can be choosen from best of pre-defined templates from experience architects. The current version of XZen.supports code generation for a data layer, ORM mapper, web services, library project, rest web service , desktop application , mvc3 application, wcf service API, mapping class generator.

Utility Tools for daily life

XZen.includes a developer tools for everyday usage. Some of the tools are built for developer and desktop usages. SearchString, Image2PDF , WebFiles, XZen.CDN are some useful softwares. They are built with easy to use pattern.

You can donwload it, use it , distribute it without any restrictions. No lisence is required. If you want to enhance any product and provide some feedback, go to our contact page. It is very simple to involve yourself.

XZen– XZen.Zentellisence software


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