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Pijush Biswas



Seeking assignments as a Technical Manager in software development and cloud migration with balanced development and quality of life.



Working with DELL as Cloud Consultant, .Net Application Architect & Individual Contributor.  Software development skill set ASP.NET, C#, MVC4, SQL Server, Azure Cloud, AWS, WebApi, jQuery, HTML5.

  • 15+ year’s relevant experiences in analysis, design, development, testing custom applications.  
  • Application Architecture, High Level Design, Low Level Design, requirement modeling, prototype modeling, portal design, distributed architecture, client server model, server less technologies, API strategy, continuous integration, deployment model.
  • Cloud Computing, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, infrastructure design, cloud application migration, cloud integration, hybrid cloud, API design, disaster recovery, DevOps.
  • Complete Stack Developer, Extensive experience in Microsoft Technology Stack, SQL Server, database design, developing stored procedures, NOSQL Concept, Replication, and Backups & Disaster Recovery.
  • Release Management, Application Life Management, Continuous Integration, Application Packaging, Pre-Sales activity, Requirement modeling, solution architect, work on RFPs, Estimation model.
  • Team member, Agile, Scrum, Ability to quickly learn and adapt to changes and new technologies.
  • Tech Lead, train the developers, mentors team members, participate in tech-talk , white papers
  • Innovative ,  eager to learn , discipline , assertive,  strong communication skills,  best with integrity
  • Total 23 years of technical work experience, domain work logistics, inventories, aviation, defense system, automobiles, e-commerce, and psychometrics test, CMS, LMS, public cloud systems, social media.   
  • Hands on at CODE



BBA                                    Bachelor of Business Administration                                     1999



MCA                                   Master in Computer Application                                                          2003



Cloud:                                Microsoft Azure, AWS

Development Platform:              ASP.NET, MVC4, WCF, WPF, WebApi, Visual Studio

Database Technology:  SQL Server 2012, MySQL 5.0

Language:                         C #, VB.NET

Scripting Language:      Python, ASP, PowerShell

Web Technology:            AJAX, JQuery, HTML5, XML, CSS3, XSL, VBScript, JavaScript, JSON, REST

Development IDE:         Visual Studio.NET 2012, TFS, Expression Blender, SVN, JIRA

Modeling Language:     UML, Microsoft Visio 2007

OS/Server:                        Window 2012 R2, Window 7, VMWare SDK, Linux Ubuntu

Architecting:                    N-tier application design, SOA, Serverless Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, UI Modeling, Security Design, Effort Estimations,

Testing:                             Test Driven Development, Automation, Continuous Integration

Have Knowledge:           VC++, J2EE, PHP, MySQL, NOSQL, SharePoint, Agile

Network:                           Active Directory, System Administration, Firewall Setups

Tools:                                 Unit Test, Unity Framework, Nunit, NHibernet, EF, Infragistics, Teleric Control, AjaxToolKit, Tortoise SVN, Bugzila, Codesmith, ReSharper


Work Experience

organization: DELL (July 2008 – PRESENT)


Project name:  Marketing Analysis (Sep 2015 - Present)

Client: ascension health

Environment Used:  VPN, SQL Server, Google Analytics, Brand Watch, Social Media

Hardware: VMWare, VPN,  Virtual Data Center

Software: .Net 4.0,  MVC4 WebApi, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, SiteCore, SQL Server 2012 64 bit , SSIS,Google Analytics,BrandWatch, SiteCore integration


Project Description:

Ascension health is looking for social media integration with marketing campaigns. Social listening become very relevant today to understand customer better and serve them with best services. Social media data is archived and predictive analysis is done based on the social behavior of patients, doctors, or with other professions.


·     SMAC Developer for social listening and proposing solutions

·     Effort estimation and manage multiple deliveries in parallel

·     Design & develop the user stories & collaborates among the team members

·     Document , present, demo the package

·     Enhance deployment, Setup development and testing the environment


Project name:  Student Data Analysis   (Jan 2015 – Sep 2015)

Client: Harper College

Environment Used:  VPN, Azure Console, SQL Server, SharePoint

Hardware: Azure , H5 ,  Virtual Data Center

Software: PowerShell, SharePoint, R Studio


Project Description:

Harper College is integrating student data analysis with their own software. They are running the solution on conventional hardware which needs tremendous scalability in the time of examination. Due to limitation of conventional hardware, they want to put a part of solutions on cloud and a part of solution on premise. The project achieved the migration of whole on premise SharePoint application to azure cloud and run the student analysis report from cloud.


·     Estimating the computing power and designed deployment strategy,

·     Azure Billing Management

·     Providing infrastructure support to development team & develop PowerShell scripts

·     Automated VM deployment and software installation with PowerShell scripting

·     Designing VM backup solution and recovery procedure in the azure out of box

·     High Availability solution, Setting SQL Server fail over cluster


Project name:  SME Score Card (Feb 2014 – Feb 2015)

Client: Dell Marketing

Environment Used:  VPN, SQL Server, Twitter, Klout, LinkedIn API

Hardware: Azure VM, Virtual Data Center

Software: .Net 4.0, MVC4, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, SQL Server 2012 64 bit, SSIS, Twitter API, Facebook API, LinkedIn API, Klout API, HighCharts , HighMaps


Project Description:

Dell marketing is trying to measure the effectiveness social media marketing and quantify the effort of each subject matter expert spending time with social media. Increasing the footprint and engaging more user on social media bring more value to company. Social listening become very relevant today to understand customer better and serve them with best services.


·     SMAC Developer for social listening and proposing solutions

·     Conceptualize and identify the tenancy of application and design it for many customer

·     Design & develop the user stories & collaborates among the team members

·     Document , present, demo and host the package in Azure cloud

·     Enhance deployment, Setup development and testing the environment



Project name:  CLOUD MANAGEMENT CONSOLE (Jan 2012 –Feb 2014)

Client: Dell Internal

Environment Used:

Hardware: VMWare, VCloud Director, Dell Hardware / Virtual Data Center

O/s: Windows 2008 64 Bit, Virtual Lab Environment

Software: .Net 4.0,  MVC3 , WPF, WCF, Rabbit MQ  HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SOAP UI, TFS 2010,  SQL Server 2012 64 bit, Virtual Machine, VMWare API,  REST API,TFS Build   


Project Description:

Dell is in pursuit of building world class Cloud Environment for its Data Center with huge base of own hardware support. So, managing whole data center from web console is primary need of such huge applications. Dell Cloud Management Console will be used to provide user with an interface to his/her own virtual world of Machine, Servers, Routers, Operating System. The current version of application will provide vCloud Directors integration for those who can buy these virtualization facilities from DELL portal.

ROLE:  On Shore Full Stack developer

·     Scrum team members with story delivery capability

·     Design & develop the user stories & collaborates among the team members

·     Continuous Integration and Build Management scrums

·     Clarify the business decisions  and convert them into business requirement

·     Estimate the works , disseminate the work, develop , test and package the deliveries

·     Enhance deployment, Setup development and testing the environment

·     Maintain the application, deployment issues, defects and provide fixes



Project name:  TRANSMAN (AUG’ 11 –JAN’ 12)


Environment Used:

Hardware: Intel Pentium O/s: Windows 7, 64 Bit

Software: .Net 4.0, SQL Server 2008 R2 64 bit, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript, OpenXML, and ASP.Net 


Project Description:

Transformation Manager is a web-based asset-management application for large migrations of servers and applications. It gives real-time updates of product migrations.  Transformation Manager provides the ability to import and export data and allows it to quickly get information for the necessary delivery teams.  Users can build views of the data, query data, view reports that allow them to create the proper solutions, plans, and build the appropriate application and server move packages.

ROLE:  Full Stack developer

·     Design the web pages & coordinating with onsite

·     Development of key task and validate with client, given demo of the apps to users

·     Developed Workflow User Interface

·     Setting up local environment for code development and remote delivery



Project name:  WSI-ON DEMAND & PJM (Nov’ 08 –JuL‘11)

Client: SHL

Environment Used:

Hardware: Intel Pentium O/s: Windows 2003 Latest Service Pack

Software: .Net 3.5 Service pack , SQL Server 2005 64 bit, Enterprise Library 3.1, MS Office integrations, SSIS packages , ASP.Net , Ajax, SharpZip library, Dynamic Proxy, WS-Security, Windows Application, Web Services, MSMQ,  WCF, ASP, ReSharper, VB.NET, C#, VB6, Visual Studio 2005


Project Description:

This project was to build on-demand web service interface on the top of core SODA application. The application handles online questionnaire / test papers requests from online customized player. Any 3rd Party service provider can plug into the system.  The underlying core SODA system is based on complex technology including legacy VB / COM+ component. The application is highly distributed and huge codebase consisting of 40 databases, 20 subsystems, many content managements etc. It symbolizes SaaS architecture which can cater any amount of scalability, reliability and performance.


Role: Technical Architect

  • Worked as Technical Architect to design & deliver the system from inception to delivery.
  • Project Initiation, Estimation, Resource ramp up, Design deliverables (after reviews and base lining), Development, Testing deliverables, Implementation and Project Closure.
  • Guide software projects from requirement definition through design, implementation and maintenance and follow project scope, assigned resources and development schedules.
  • Guide, assist or mentor the subordinates
  • Monitored software coding, testing, debugging, documentation, and installation tasks.
  • Review the design document and prepare key design to help team to get design sign off from client. discuss technical issues with client on day to day issues
  • Do the code review and execute day to development, managing the designers.
  • Enhance the NFR (Non Functional Requirement) ,  performance plan , tuning Stored Procedure
  • Attended daily status meeting with offshore team , Scrum meetings
  • Responsible for managing scope, planning, tracking, change control, aspects of the project. 
  • Written a whitepaper about securing the application which is distributed in nature.



Project: Workbench , Client Setup (Jun 2008 to Dec 2008)

Client: SHL (UK)


Team Size: 23

Environment: ASP.NET, WCF, MS Application Block 3.1, Web Service, SQL Server 2005, VB.NET, C#, PL/SQL

Description:  Workbench is a Desktop application based on n-tier architecture. Client set up is an web application based on n-tier architecture. Whole project is based on the integration of two view to support data set up for running business of SHL for psychometric test application. They support content management system.


Role: Designer

  • Worked as designer to create the framework according to architecture roadmaps.
  • Do the code review and execute day to development, managing the resources.
  • Review test cases , performance plan , tuning Stored Procedure
  • Implemented interfaces, exception and error handling framework.



organization: Infogain India  (June 2006 – June 2008)


Project: LatitudeU (Jun 2006 to Jun 2008)

Client: Latitude Consultancy (USA)


Environment: ASP.NET, Javascript, Ajax, CodeSmith, SQL server, Web Service, Nant, Infragistics controls tools, Nunit,  Scorm,  Paypal Processing. Log4NET, MS Application Block, VB.NET, C#, PL/SQL, VPN


Description:  LatitudeU believes that everybody in the world has something to teach the world. So, it is a LMS system designed to service worldwide instructors and universal learners on the web. It combines the e-commerce with scorm contents. Developed in ASP.NET on a n-tier architecture. It constitutes of multiple project solutions having usage of C#, VB.NET, Web Service, Pay pal integration.


Role: Onshore Tech Lead

  • Working on Architecture (onsite) on the solution to create e-Commerce enabled Web Application.
  • Estimating the efforts and delegation of responsibilities, managing the resources.
  • Preparing  use cases , documenting the requirement, design specification
  • Maintaining and Supporting the application


Project: KIAS



Team Size: 52


Description:  The KIAS is an incentive management system for car dealers. The Contests & Incentives (C&I) group can plan, manage and administer incentive programs. Dealer can get incentives for better sales. The C&I group currently uses an AS400 based Incentive System for the creation and maintenance of promotions/ incentives. KMA has embarked on the development of a new web based incentive system (KIAS), which will overcome existing limitations and will provide for greater efficiency, accuracy, effectiveness, and scalability.

Role: Sr Software Engineer

·        Detail analysis of console based existing incentive program and developed use cases.

·        Taking initiative in prototyping the solution in

·        Involved in architecture, design database for development, ensuring industry standard.

·        Peer review the development of administration module, incentives modules and contributing in code optimization, resolving performance issue, coding guidelines.

·        Developed a batch process to integrate smooth data migration from AS400 to SQL server 2005.

·        Working with UI layer for ASP.NET user controls with AJAX implementation in Visual Studio 2005.


Project: Arctrus.NET

Client: HISNA (USA)

Team Size: 7

Description:  Arctrus.NET is a Framework Template developed on the top of DOTNET 2.0. This framework is created with best practice and patterns for tier based application development. It is generic enough to build any enterprise level application. It handles multiple web server, application server, database server and used physical as well as logical distributed architecture.

Role: Coding core business component & documentation of how to use it.



organization: Indian Air force – IT Development:  (Feb 1998 – Aug2005)


Being posted in EDP cell, my job was entrusted with setting up network, development of station web portal, deployment of third party product, maintaining the applications, supporting different vendors in making software specifications. My involvement were in many projects in developing Logistics Management and Workshop Systems, Flight Monitoring System, Weather Dissemination System.


Unit (Organization): Air Force Station, Jaisalmer                                                (Jun 2003 to Aug 2005)

Project Name : IL-76 Aircraft Maintenance Manager

Client: Chandigarh, Agra Air Bases

Environnent : Windows XP, Linux Fedora Core, Apache Server , ASP.NET, C#, ICE, Red Hat Linux, J2EE, Windows 2000, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, (CAN) Campus Area Networking.


Description: The Project undertaken was for a Transport aircraft service maintenance. It constitute of Asset tracking, manpower management, store automation, duty detailing, component life monitoring, performance monitoring, inventory management. It was handled in such a way that centralized Data Warehousing was made possible. The project focuses on J2EE and .NET platform integration to make it a base for multiple projects for huge organization. It was based upon n-tier architecture with remote methods and database sync.


Role: Tech Lead

  • Completing the requirement gathering and prototyping of the applications.
  • Designing the data flow of the application and documenting each artifacts
  • Design and coding JSP pages for web sites
  • Testing the application and management of defects



Unit (Organization): Air Force Station, Palam                                                                      (Apr 1998 to Jun 2003)

Project: Photo Reproduction Task management

Client:  CPRU AF

Environment: Visual Studio 6.0, Windows NT, Oracle 8i, Internet explorer, D2K, IIS, Window NT, Window XP, Window 98

Description: The EDP was setup with a local networks and windows machines. There was huge inventory of photos, negatives, printable, documents and they were being managed manually. The task was automated with help of software. Being initially worked as System administrator and gradually promoted to design and develop full inventory management. The system is based on Client/Server Model. Users are given Form 6 Runtimes which connects user to the Oracle Server.


ROLE: Network Administrator

·        Manage networks, desktops, vendor software’s

·        Manage Electronic Data Processing units

·        Manage databases, developed PL/SQL , develop active server pages


organization: Indian Air force – TECHNICIAN (FEB 1993 – apr 1998)

Being trained as ADSO – Air Defense System Operator, worked on various roles as RADAR operator, flight monitoring, Cartography, Ops assistant at Ops Room, managed confidential data communication with Integrated Cipher Systems (DOS based app).




  • Wining the Bonze Cash award for designing cutting Edge scripting of environment setup for Student Data Analysis
  • Wining GOLD Award in 2015 for Design and implementing SMAC application for SME Score Card
  • Appreciated for Outstanding Performance for successfully digitizing and implementing most security verified application in Air Force station Jaisalmer and was awarded a recognition certificate by Station IT Officer for the same.
  • Good work was appreciated at the EDP cell of Jaisalmer by IT officer EDP Cell in 2005.
  • Appreciated for Outstanding Performance for successfully completing Photo Reproduction Task management application in CPRU in Jun 2003 and was awarded a recognition certificate by Commanding Officer of CPRU AF.




Brainbench Certification                                         : C#, HTML, ASP.NET

Azure Certification                                                    : Microsoft Azure (583)

DBMS course with Web Designing (CDAC)      : MySQL and PHP on Linux (CDAC)

Concurrent Course on (DIT)                                    : Oracle 8 and D2K  (DIT)




Full Name                                                                     :Pijush Kanti Biswas

Father’s Name                                                             :Jnanendra Nath Biswas

Date of Birth                                                                 :15 May 1975

Marital Status                                                              :Married

Joining Time Required                                             :2 Months ( Negotiable)

Choice of Location                                                      :Delhi NCR        

Passport No                                                                   : 149527

PAN                                                                                 : AKWPB0361K                                                                          






Place:                                                                                                             (Pijush Biswas)