Leaping to neXt Zeneration


A small effort, a collection of efforts.

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Not much visible in social media, not much on twitter, happiness comes from within.

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I hope there are days when I can display my medals if i have any, no regrets not having one so far

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This keeps on growing, thinking that dumping things at back-yard, some day, i will pick them up.

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As the days goes, the responsibility come back and finds you working on issue which you dont care not much, thinking that you are not worth.

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The efforts are those which does not expect a result, else would call them as deeds, people talks about for years

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Not really sure , is XZen has futures, XZen is only a seed which require more lights to grow into a plant.

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XZen.integrates with URL shortener program for managing your traffic tracking. You can create shorter version of any long URL and use it in any social media or any else.

Your shortend URLs are here. Go to this page and manage them.

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Tools of the moment

SearchString is the special tools which I built some days back, it inspired to take up some time to put all other tools and work a bit on it for a suitable representations.

  • Built with Microsoft platform
  • Works in windows operating system
  • Needs .NET installed on the machines

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Some credits goes developer.

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DOT NET Developer

I thank your from bottom of my heart to give a positive feedback. I develop .net stuff with fullstack excersize.

SQL Developer

Database developement made easy with smart ORM and Mapping framework. Very new with templates development.

Cloud Developer

Cloud solutioning with application development in the background. Lots of potentials on this.

Solution Architect

Application development, manitenance, requirement modeling, software estimation for custome applications.

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I am right now contactable only through email.

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Bengali Colony
Mahavir Enclave, New Delhi 110045

Email: developer@xzen.in